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    Brand and prices are the orientation and inspiration
    for this diagram. In between there is a clear
    classification such as accessories, apparel, health
    and beauty, shoes that will definitely define areas
    that become overpopulated with items in clearly
    explains the diagram.


    Logo identity development, color palette and promotion
    packaging of accesories that represent the new brand
    new paper made out of corn. It will be distributed as a
    recyclable item; promoting nature became a way to
    promote based on the culture of corn itself.
    The promotion package contains the following: poster,
    swatchbook, brochure, brief storytelling booklet and a
    bookcase that contains all these items.


    Corporate logo identity development and promotion
    packaging of three books that describe past, present
    and future of light. LED becomes more than energy;
    provinding as a product to cellphone screens to
    environmens such us building, our world.
    Light has evolved since its creatioin and ONA gives
    an overall description of its history.


    Poster promotion a new look of GOOGLE outside web
    advertisement and rebranding the logo and typeface
    which is visually more accesible to the public.


    Catalog of artist’s lifetime work with over 184 albums
    information that he has left to fans and a comprenhen–
    sive summary of his biographical artist statement.
    Photography direction and collage emerged with type.


    Typographically treated statements of who I am and
    contrast of a close up photograph of my palm.

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    carla viviana coleman (cordova)
    all rights reserved