: The Urban Forest Baltimore

  • The Urban Forest Baltimore

    Where are the trees? invites the viewer to question his or her relationship to nature in the urban setting by constructing a question mark from an organic element. The leaf represents an ideal for a better and greener future. It is an everyday question for everyone as environmental issues become important in our everyday lives. By challenging passers by in the city with an open ended question, any issue that the population encounters can be applied to the piece: Where are the trees? Are we Taking care of our environment? Is nature important to me? How can I educate myself? What are the costs of living in a city? Can I grow something? Are we planting trees? What will it take to create a greener Baltimore? By asking these and other questions we remind ourselves that we all should challenge our ideas about a more balanced urban environment. It takes a single person to take the first step to make a difference.

    — Viviana Cordova


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