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    poster titled: Create! Don’t Hate exhibition

    Create! Don’t Hate exhibition is result of the mentoring program
    for high schools in the region of Baltimore this past Fall 2009.
    This program was a partnership program of AIGA Baltimore
    and Worldstudio. Our goal was to connect graphic designers with
    high school students from Patapsco and Patterson High
    School interested in visual arts and have them create slogans/posters
    that later on could become billboards throughout the
    city. This was a great experience for students that wanted to
    enter the field of Illustration or Graphic Design in the future.

    The program lasted four weeks, students and mentors met
    once a week. The billboards are based on a variety of topics such
    as: stop crime, domestic violence, love your city, stop vandalism in
    the streets, don’t trash your city, and much more.

    Mentors showcasing on the exhibition:
    Dani Bradford
    Cris Cimatu
    Debbie Feldman Jones
    Joseph Ford
    Kimberly Hopkins
    Alissa Jones
    Megan Lavelle
    Mary Leszczynski
    Ilene Lundy
    Chad Miller
    Llara Pazdan
    Lark Pfleegor
    Katie Rosenberg
    Kevin Sprouls
    Shannon Tedeschi
    Andrew Walters
    Grace Wanzer

    For more information about the exhibition please email

    This program is showcasing the power of design to ignite
    change to the general public and business community
    so please join us in this closing event! To see other programs
    that are happening in other cities, visit http://www.designigniteschange.org


    images below were taken the day of the reception February 4th,
    2010 from 6:30 pm to 8:30pm at Patapsco High School Center for
    the Arts. Parents permission were approved to show the images of the students below:

    — Viviana Cordova


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